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Rollen's Apology
        If you haven't watched the ESPN video on the "Who is Rollen Stewart" page I would suggest you watch it so you can fully understand this apology. Rollen has been hard heartedly and stubbornly refusing to admit he did anything wrong back in Sept. of 1992. He continued to believe the Lord was using him to warn people of his return and judgement against the world. He acted in the manor of a false prophet. Today he realizes that error. He realizes that the Lord didn't tell him to do what he did in '92, and the Lord didn't tell him when he was going to return, and hasn't told him to speak in his name. Now that he has realized this he feels remorse for hurting all of the people he has hurt. This letter will be his attempt to make some sort of amends. I think he will write apologies to believers by name,  family and friends who have tried to help him and have been by his side. To the body of Christ in general for misrepresenting the body and the will of God. To the unbelievers for not modeling the behavior of a believer, and misrepresenting the call of Jesus to the lost. I think he will also mention apologies to the state and county agencies for having to try his case and incarcerate him, and for the unnecessary costs associated with it.
       He that began a good work in you is FAITHFUL to complete it.
 God bless you and thank you for praying for Rollen's restoration.

     Sadly, either Rollen has forgotten he ever agreed to this or he was using this to manipulate others to do his buisness for him while he is in prison. Either way, he has reverted back to justifying his "stunt" as he calls it, and claiming it was of God but he did it at the wrong time. The thing he fails to recognize is that God wouldn't tell him to do what he did and give him a wrong date for doing it. Rollen sees himself as a martyr and the head of the most important ministry in the world. Directing this from prison gives him delusional self importance and  purpose, and a reason to get up in the morning.
     "Beware of false prophets....Not all will enter into the kingdom.....Many will say to me in that day 'LORD LORD I prophesied in your name......' and I will say to them 'I never knew you, depart from me'" - Jesus (Matt.7:15-23). Sadly this brings tears to my heart. I'm helpless to do anything but pray for his restoration and that the Holy Spirit will bring others to him that he will be able to hear  from. He claims there are NO believers in prison with him so he rejects any Christian fellowship. Rollen sold all he had to follow the LORD and be faithful and yet was taken apart by our adversary and wound up in prison for life. This is a painful reality that I don't understand. LORD please help Rollen.
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